our story

Sumeet & Sunil Mandot

owners/Sumeet Jewellers

since 1995

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in begining,

Two brothers Sunil and Sumeet Mandot started the company in a small shop with a very limited and minimal range of products.

as times went forward, People started trusting us and Believeing in our quality and designs. With all this trust, our company succeeded.

With time, we expanded our segments and now we proudly offer a wide variety of collection in Gold, Silver and Diamond jewellery. 

since 2015

on our route

we have acquired a team of over 70 craftsmen, making jewellery from scratch to a fully polished and ready to use product.

We Have Learnt That The True Beauty Of any Jewellery Does Not Stand Only In The Design, But Also In The Art Of Crafting, Polishing And Finishing. 
Along with the abovementioned art, we have, over the years, specalized in customizing and lightweight jewellery. 

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The second generation - Pratik and Meet Mandot have taken over the daily activities after experiencing in the field for over 7 years and with a vision to take conventional jewellery to new limits, under the guidance of Sunil and Sumeet Mandot. 
With the new style, ideas and modern approach, Pratik and Meet plan totransform the business to reach new heights and expand to an untapped customer base, while ensuring that the conventional market is not disturbed so as to ensure that our customers know that we will never break their trust!  


meet The founders

Sunil and Sumeet Mandot have worked for more than 25 years in this company and have been the core for this company.
Without them the company would never have been able to reach such heights. 


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